Aberdeen & District Organists' Association

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Advice and Instructions from the Scottish Government

With effect from 15th July 2020, the Scottish Government sanctioned the resumption  of communal services of prayer and contemplation in chuches limited to 50 people with social distancing, no singing or chanting, and a mandatory COVID-19 risk assessment plus strict health and safety precautions.

The Scottish Government previously indicated that indoor live events such as our meetings in theatres and concert venues might be allowed from Monday 14th September with restricted numbers and strict adherence to physical distancing;  however, on 10th September the crisis situation was such that these relaxations had to be cancelled.

From Monday 14th September social gatherings, both indoor and outdoor, are legally restricted to 6 people from up to 2 households no matter where these gatherings might be.

Attendances at weddings, funerals and civil partnership ceremonies are limited to a total of 20 people.

As an "indicative date" the Scottish Government has put forward the possibility that a relaxation with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted numbers may be possible from Monday 5th October, (no nightclubs!!!), but this is far from certain!

Given that many of our members are in the more senior age group and may have underlying health issues, quite a high proportion are in the "shielding" category of the population.  Even although shielding has being paused by the Scottish Government from 1st August all people is this category should excercise extreme caution and only take part in activities when they feel it is safe and wise to do so.
Page updated 11th September 2020